From the Commander Ed Krug 
 Post annual member renewal season is upon us. All Post annual memberships will expire on August 31, 2020. As of September 1, members who fail to renew will not have access to the Club. Renewing is easy. You can renew in person at the Club by giving your payment to an officer or place the payment with your membership number on the check in the Post drop box at the front counter or by mail. The Club is open and operating under restricted hours due to the proclamations from the county. Every officer is working diligently with our staff to continue to maintain the expectations; however, we need the help of our membership. I am expecting members to volunteer to take temperatures at the door. Remember people, this is your Club! Thank you to all the members and officers who have volunteered to help. We would not be open without you. Thank you to David and Melody Charron for purchasing a new pool table cover. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

                                             From The 1st Vice Commander

                                                             Keith Evans 

AMVETS Post #770 Membership as of 15 Feb 2020; 222 annual members, 213 life members, 435 annual & life Post members; 85 Sons of and 291 Ladies Aux, for a total of 811 Post members. 
List of new members sworn in for Feb 2020 ; Timothy Asp – US Navy, David Herbig – USMC, Thomas McCracken – US Army, David Taylor – US Army, Steven Thompson USAF/US Army, Byron Tyler – US Navy, John Lawson – USAF and Morton Wagenfeld – US Army. 
Annual Post members, if you haven’t renewed your dues for 2019–2020, please do so. If you don’t you’ll not be able to come in and drink. 

To all the members who continuously volunteer in the Club, please accept my deepest gratitude.  These members are instrumental in the success we are fortunate enough to experience here at Post #0770.  AMVETS relies on volunteerism on every level and without these dedicated members our facility would not exist.  Currently Post #0770 has a membership collectively of over 900 people, however less than 5% of our members are responsible for fulfilling all of the positions demanding volunteers.  As a Member of Post #0770 please take a moment and think about where you may have the time to help with a function or project within the Club/Post.  We always need help with the Fish Fry on Friday nights, with BINGO, with Post planned meals, with cleaning projects or a variety of fundraising projects that happen throughout the year.  Don’t be shy; there is always someone willing to teach you the ropes.  Thank you to those who do come to help on a regular basis.  Post #0770 would not be successful without you! 

From the Public Relations Officer Valerie H. Davis Newsletter: The next newsletter will be the October 2020 newsletter. All articles are due to me no later than Tuesday, 15 September 2020. Electronic articles are greatly appreciated. Articles need to be written in Word and sent as an attachment to an email. Photos for the newsletter are also accepted when sent as an email attachment. Articles received after the deadline will not be published in the October newsletter. If you have any questions, you may call me at 908-0774. Business card advertising: If you have a business and would like to advertise it in the newsletter, please give Kim Herrera or Val Davis a copy of your business card and $25 for a calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec 2020) of advertising in the newsletter. It is $5 a month, if you chose to advertise monthly.

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