Newsletters & Event Calendars

From the Public Relations Officer Valerie H. Davis 
Newsletter:   The next full newsletter will be the December newsletter.  All articles are due to me no later than Friday, 15 November 2019.  Photos for the newsletter are also accepted when sent as an email attachment.  Articles/photos submitted electronically can be sent anytime on the 15th.  Electronic articles are greatly appreciated.  Articles received after the deadline will not be published in the newsletter.  If you have any questions, you may call me at 908-0774. 

Since all of the Posts entities, except the Post, go dark over the summer, I have asked the Commander and Executive Board if the Tradition newsletter could also go “dark”.  They agreed.  I will still publish the monthly calendar and anything else that seems appropriate.   If you have any photos from the parade and ceremony that you would like to see published, please feel free to email  them to me at the editor’s email address: Editor E-mail:  If you have photos from other AMVETS Post 770 activities, please email them to me and I’ll put them in the Tradition.  Please add a caption for each photo you send.  Thank you.