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Why Join AMVETS?


AMVETS is a veterans service organization devoted not only fellowship, but also service to the community and other veterans. Joining with fellow AMVETS in planning and participating in post activities, members provide significant contributions to all areas of our veterans’ community. Members have joined our organization not only for the pleasures they may have derived during the years, but also for the contributions they can provide to the well being of AMVETS by working cooperatively with fellow members.



Being a Member


The cornerstone of AMVETS membership is the local post. Varying in size from 10 members to more than 2,000 in some cases, each AMVETS post conducts programs and activities related to the state and national organization’s goals and objectives.

Membership, though, is not limited to joining the AMVETS post in your hometown. In fact, there may not be a post there or you may not live close to one. In such cases, an individual may elect to become a member-at-large.






Note: Above text taken from AMVETS website at

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